When I’m in a bad mood or feel a little depressed and think I’m ugly. I put on some make up, take some pictures, choose the best one out and put a filter on it. And BAM! I feel better again. :D 


what’s this? // fall out boy

there’s children throwing snowballs
instead of throwing heads
they’re busy building toys
and absolutely no one’s dead

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I don’t recall if I ever uploaded this here… ah well. Have it anyway.

Listen to this it will make you cry tears of pure joy

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My Chemical Romance - Boy Division

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i wanna draw but idk what

draw spiderman acting weird in front of a cactus

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in moments like these i like the fact tumblr has learned me to look for sources bc the fulfillment i get for actually providing evidence for what is being said is just amazing

actually I’m pretty sure you’re English teacher has been telling you about checking text, using reliable resources, forming your own opinion how to win an argument and to not believe everything someone tells you for years but just because it’s tumblr with seemingly no “grown ups” “around”“” you are just now listening to this. So maybe he or she deserves a little recognition too.

hi yes hello original poster here uwu

first of all thank you for your valid opinion on my personal post. While I do believe you make a good point, I’d like you to know that:

1) my English teachers over the years I have been studying English have indeed sometimes mentioned to cite sources, but frankly that was only when we (as the students) had to make assignments for ourselves. Not when we were intrigued by the fact that one of our favourite actors might be starring in another big movie, but when there was no source material or any article linked to support the notion that said actor would be in said big movie. My post (this one where you voiced your opinion under) was my personal reaction to making others happy with the fact i provided some form of source material.

2) can I just point out you are making a kind of grand mistake in the English grammar? Because in your first sentence, you’re using “you’re” wrong. What you should have used, is “your English teacher”. Just thought I’d let you know uwu

3) Not once in my four or five years that I have been studying English in school (I can’t pinpoint the moment i started learning English sorry) has any of my courses gone over the importance of sourcing, forming valid arguments or forming your own opinion by using source material. Yes it has been mentioned that sourcing is of high importance, but it was always mentioned on the side. Now I’d like to focus on another part of these lines of your text, where you say something about, and here I quote, "to not believe everything someone tells you for years". Well I have some big news for you: that’s what school is! Wonderful is it, don’t you think? The eleven years, not counting kindergarten, of school are almost a daily seven hours, sometimes eight, of teachers telling me things, quizzing me on these things, and only giving me one source, which is their word. 

4) “but just because it’s tumblr with seemingly no “grown ups” “around”“” you are just now listening to this” I assume the “this” you are referring to is the message to source your shit? You have a point here, I have been more attentive to where things are or are not sourced and if the sources given are reliable in any way since i joined tumblr. I don’t see how this is bad though, I am now indeed more attentive to citing my sources. However the line of “no grown ups around” is where you completely miss where i stand. I am very much aware that there are “grown ups” “around”, but at least here they are treating me like a person who is in need of education, not some moron who doesn’t get the perfect grades. I started to really realize how important citing your sources was, when I saw countless of artists’ works being spread without any form of source to their own blogs, or posts, or portfolios or anything. 

Yes i started sourcing things because of tumblr. Yes my English teachers deserve credit for teaching me countless things. No you do not get to shame me for changing my behavior and opinion on sourcing.  No you do not have the right in any way to tell me that learning things on tumblr is not a “real” way to learn things. 

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