Best friend appreciation post: Ok, This girl Right here! (the one with long hair) She’s is one of the greatest things that stepped into my life. She pulled me out of a deep pit of darkness and doom. She makes me smile even When I don’t want to. She makes sure that I feel more confident every day. Even if she’s having a hard time she still finds a way to put a smile on her face and to make sure that I don’t have to worry. She is always there for me and I haven’t told her how much I appreciate that. I will never let go of her. Thank you my best friend <3

Im finally wearing my cap shirt and its the best shirt i have omfg
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching" ~ Gerard Way
When I’m in a bad mood or feel a little depressed and think I’m ugly. I put on some make up, take some pictures, choose the best one out and put a filter on it. And BAM! I feel better again. :D 


what’s this? // fall out boy

there’s children throwing snowballs
instead of throwing heads
they’re busy building toys
and absolutely no one’s dead

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I don’t recall if I ever uploaded this here… ah well. Have it anyway.

Listen to this it will make you cry tears of pure joy

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My Chemical Romance - Boy Division

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